Kyle Taylor, fifteen year old guitarist. His playing does the talking. Kyle could well be the next young blues artist of our time. But that’s just the beginning of the story of Kyle Taylor.


https://youtu.be/S-DRJuo3kU4 https://youtu.be/P5dqwU9ZVZk


Kyle has Tourettes Syndrome, which is a nerve disorder. Many people who have Tourettes blurt out uncontrollable obscenities. Others excel at art, writing, and in Kyle’s case, music. He excels in most genres, but blues and soul music are his favorite. He started listening to Johnny Winter playing the blues when he was twelve and immediately became a fan.

Two years later he’s now one of the best young guitarists in the Los Angeles area. He hasn’t been discovered yet, as of June 5, 2019, but he’s headed directly towards becoming a professional artist, sooner than later. Everybody in town wants the opportunity to play with Kyle. He graciously gives them that opportunity by playing at a lot of jam sessions around Los Angeles. His repertoire ranges from Muddy Waters to, SRV and all blues in between.

Kyle has only been playing electric guitar for 2 and a half years and is mostly self taught. People of all ages fall in love with his guitar work. His playing is so amazing that he receives applause every time he plays a solo. He literally tears the place down…And he learned most of it from YouTube and books! He is fortunate enough now to be taking lessons from master session guitarist, Don Bogle.

Kyle had never played in a band previously, but Tom Hankins, aka Chicago Mad Dog, heard him and immediately asked Kyle if he was interested in playing in a band. He was, and with his father Dave Taylor’s okay, the new KYLE TAYLOR BAND was formed.

Kyle’s in the ninth grade at the Valley Academy of Arts and Science and enjoys video games and drawing, but guitar is his first and foremost love.
Kyle loves Blues, R&B music, Classic Rock and Jazz. His biggest influence is Stevie Ray Vaughan. His favorite artists are Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, John Mayer, Queen, Eric Clapton, Gary Clark Jr. and of course SRV.

Kyle looks forward to recording soon, and doesn’t just look to fit in on one particular genre of music. Instead he hopes that he could share his own unique style of music that blends blues, soul, and rock all together. He always wants to make sure that his music will put a smile on people’s faces and bring joy to the world.



Manager: Dave Taylor 818 807 8178
Booking: Tom Hankins 818 627 8083
Club Owners and Bookers, get your booking now before he hits it big, while you can still afford to book him. Don’t miss the opportunity.